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Environment & Nature

Environment & Nature - Environnement & Nature - Ambiente & Natura



revised : January 2015

American Museum of Natural History




Electronic Zoo


Encyclopedia of the Environment
Ruth A. Eblen and William R. Eblen, editors; Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston 1994




Europa : Environment (Nature and Biodiversity)


European Forest Institute


Friends of the Earth


Global Change Master Directory




Infoplease : Environment & Nature


International Union for Conservation of Nature


Institute of Global Environment and Society


National Wildlife Federation (USA)


Natural History Museum (London)


Natural Resources Defense Council


Oceanography (Scripps Institution)


Organic Gardening


Oxford Companion to the Earth, The
edited by Brian J.Skinner and Paul L. Hancock
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2001


Rain Forest Portal


Refdesk : Environment & Nature


Resilience Alliance


Sierra Club


Unep (United Nations Environment Programme)


Univers Nature (Français)


World Conservation Monitoring Centre (United Nations Environment Programme)


World Resources Institute


World Wide Fund for Nature


Worldwatch Institute


World Wildlife Fund