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Imperialism - Imperialisme - Imperialismo



Anthologies and Pointers

History of Imperialism


Monteleone, Renato (a cura)

[1974] Teorie sull'imperialismo, Editori Riuniti, Roma

Owen Roger and Bob Sutcliffe, editors

[1972] Studies in the Theory of Imperialism, Longman, London, 1972



Books and Short Essays

Baumgart, Winfried

[1975] Imperialism. The idea and reality of British and French colonial expansion 1880-1914, Oxford University Press, New York, 1982

Hammond, R. J.

[1961] Economic Imperialism, Sidelights on a Stereotype, in Journal of Economic History, December 1961

Hobson, John

[1902] Imperialism. A study, Allen & Unwin, London, 1905 [Imperialismo, Isedi, Milano, 1976]

Lenin, Vladimir I.

[1916] Imperialism [L'imperialismo, Editori Riuniti, Roma, 1979]

Schumpeter, Joseph

[1919-1927] The Sociology of Imperialisms, The World Publishing Company, Cleveland, 1968

see passages in: Joseph Schumpeter, State, Imperialism and Capitalism (1919)

Taylor, A. J. P.

[1952] Economic Imperialism